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With our 0800 numbers, you could pay as little as 2ppm to take calls, and the caller pays nothing to call you. Even from a mobile.

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£0.00 Setup Fee From £49.00 Setup Fee From £99.00 Setup Fee From £199.00 Setup Fee From £750.00 Setup Fee

Costs & Features

Action Cost
Setup Fee £750.00
Monthly Fee [more]
(Includes 5000 bundled mins*)
Change Terminating Number £0.00
Change Account Details £0.00
When routed to a UK landline, your call costs can be as low as 2ppm.
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Cost to Caller

Action Cost
Call 0800 Number Daytime 0p p/m
Call 0800 Number Evening 0p p/m
Call 0800 Number Weekend 0p p/m
(assuming caller is calling from a UK landline or mobile)


*NOTE1. Bundled minutes only apply when destination number is a UK landline
*NOTE2. Landline excess minutes 2.5p per minute (or 4.5p when the caller is calling from a mobile)
*NOTE3. Bundled minutes will be used up at double the rate when called from a mobile

0800 084 5678
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 534 5345
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 084 5555
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 534 5555
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 787 9999
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 882 4444
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 084 5000
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 084 8000
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 787 9000
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 882 4000
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 179 9000
SETUP: £750.00 add
0800 534 5678
SETUP: £1,250.00 add
0800 030 5000
SETUP: £1,250.00 add
0800 030 5010
SETUP: £1,250.00 add
0800 179 9999
SETUP: £1,250.00 add
0800 255 0000
SETUP: £1,250.00 add
0800 530 0000
SETUP: £1,250.00 add

Why Use a Platinum 0800 Number?

A Platinum 0800 number can be up and running within minutes.

Once working, you can receive calls on it, routed to wherever you like.

Our Platinum 0800 numbers cost from £750.00 + vat to set up, and require no changes to your current landline phone number - you simply use our free online number management tool to point your 0800 number at your telephone number and calls to the 0800 will be routed directly through to you. We also provide you with an account manager and free UK telephone support (0345 475 3302).

In most cases an 0800 number will attract more enquiries and customers stand a better chance of remembering your number, as they will know the 0800 part already. It gives your business a national feel.

It has been proven to give your business a definite advantage over any of your competitors who don’t use one.

If your business relocates, you can re-route your 0800 number to your new landline number - free of charge.

You can manage your number/numbers at any time from the management control panel and any changes to your number are completely free (routing to a to a UK landline). If you wish to route or divert your 0800 number through to a mobile phone or a non-UK international number, you’ll pay a one-off £9.95 activation fee and a then a monthly fee of £2.50 a month, with the call charges then varying according to the destination.

You can even set up multiple route plans, to try different numbers if your main number isn't available.

All customers of Just 0800 Numbers have access to an account manager during business opening hours and also free UK based telephone support - even the customers with only free 0800 numbers.

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